Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 4.53.28 PMWhat can humans do that animals can’t? The answer might surprise you. Over at Theodora Thought, a young wildlife rehabilitation specialist who works in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of Northern California, is musing on this very subject. Here’s a start:

Humankind is part of animal kind. What superiority do we really have over animals?

This is where my friends and family of faith will say the Bible says that God created man in his image, and to be stewards of his creation. Let me ask you to put this aside for a moment, not to push away your beliefs; only to see a different perspective.

Bear with me as I understand this might be slightly controversial, because it’s difficult for us to compare our intelligence with that of a bumble bee. What really sets us apart though?

  Is it language? Because some animals are better at learning language then we are, including ravens and prairie dogs…READ MORE OVER AT THEODORA THOUGHT.


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